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678 xxxx barcelona sex chat room1.4kIn a time when LGBTQ people are facing extraordinary challenges queer visibility is as important as it has ever been.After years of progressive strides 2017 felt in many ways like a giant step backward for LGBTQ equality at the national level. Against that political backdrop seeing queer actors artists and other celebrities share their authentic selves was all the more empowering.The year saw some celebs like legendary singersongwriter Barry Manilow express who they truly are in highprofile impactful interviews. Others like13 Reasons Why starBrandon Flynnand True Blood actress Rutina Wesley used social media in creative and powerful ways to open up about their sexualities.Regardless of the paths they took however these famous faces helped influence the global conversation on queer acceptance by sharing their journeys.Below check out 21 celeb coming out stories of 2017. Each one was a standout moment and we congratulate them on taking this important step.Aaron CarterRob Kim via Getty ImagesThe pop singer said he felt like a weight and a burden had been lifted as he opened up about his sexuality publiclyin August.In an emotional post on Twitter the 30yearold star

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