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Bumble bee nursery song Its the dead of winter but I am craving tomatoes. I have a fullon tomato jones going.Best way to fix that is with this tomato soup made more fanciful by calling it bisque. A bisque say it bisk is a rich smooth creamy soup often made with shellfish and thickened with said shellfish including the pulverized shells. Well this one is rich creamy and has a roux to thicken it but is sans shellfish.Thats OK. Its plenty flavorful without them. Although now that were thinking about it it wouldnt kill you to strew a few shrimp on top if you want to.This is far more than simply the sum of its parts. Its truly shockingly delicious in all the right ways.Recipe Sweet Tomato Basil BisqueSummary Rich packed with tomato goodness and just the right touch of creamy sweetness this is tomato soup of the Gods. Ing

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White bumble bee stripe PollinationTip of a tulip stamen covered with pollen grains.Pollination is the transfer of pollen from a male part of a plant to a female part of a plant enabling later fertilisation and the production of seeds most often by an animal or by wind.1 Pollinating agents are animals such as insects birds and bats water wind and even plants themselves when selfpollination occurs within a closed flower. Pollination often occurs within a species. When pollination occurs between species it can produce hybrid offspring in nature and in plant breeding work.In angiosperms after the pollen grain has landed on the stigma it develops a pollen tube which grows down the style until it reaches an ovary. Sperm cells from the pollen grain then move along the pollen tube enter an ovum cell through the micropyle and fertilise it resulting in the production of a seed.A successful angiosperm pollen grain gametophyte containing the male gametes is transported to the stigma where it germinates and its pollen tube grows down the style to the ovary. Its two gametes travel down the tube to where the gametophytes containing the female gametes are held within the carpel. One nucleus fuses with the polar bodies to produce the endosperm tissues and the other with the ovule to produce the embryoIn gymnosperms the ovule is not contained in a carpel but exposed on the surface of a dedicated support organ such as the scale of a cone so that the penetration of carpel tissue is unnecessary. Details of the process vary according to the division of gymnosperms in question. Two main modes