Webcanchat brasi Paging Dr. NerdLoveSearch The ArchivesThe Truth About Casual Sex and How To Get itOne of the oldest canards something Ive written about before in fact is the idea that women dont like sex especially casual sex as much as men do. Its the subject of many a heated debate the punchline to hacky comedians jokes and the background noisein movies and sitcoms since pretty much forever. Were given any number of reasons for this from the classic sperm is cheapeggs are expensive evopsych rationale to the more mercenary women use sex for barter market view of human sexuality. This supposed disparity between male and female libidos is part of what drives so much of PickUp Artists tactics of RedPill rage and many a rant from animeavatard randos on Twitter when people dare to suggest otherwise.The urevidence of this belief is the infamous ClarkHatfield study which was published in 1989and replicated over and over again byYouTube pranksters as social experiments ever since.CHECKMATE NERDLOVEOf course the study was fatally flawed as has been pointed out many times Johnny Rando rolling upon a college campus and asking chicks to bang him betrays a rather severe lack of social calibration at best. But despite its flaws and mistaken

Thai online free girl cam AdvertisementGrindr under fire for sharing millions of users HIV status phone ID and GPS coordinates with two other companiesSince last spring Grindrs 3.6 million users have been able to share their HIV status and last test date on their profilesNow its emerged that those details were shared with appoptimization servicesGrindr claims it is standard practice but it has raised questions about privacy and transparency

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Free hardcore porn sex stories The increasing popularity of dating apps on mobile phones has fuelled a surge in cases of sexually transmitted diseases say doctors.Tinder and other matchmaking firms have proved explosively popular especially among those in their 20s and 30s providing users with lists of potential sexual partners nearby.But sexual health experts say hookup apps are leading to rises in sexually transmitted infections STIs.Scroll down for videoRates of sexually transmitted diseases have increased along with the rise of hookup apps file photoFree services such as Tinder allow users to meet up with likeminded adults to have casual sexGonorrhoea cases in England jumped 15 per cent between 2012 and 2013 according to official figures from 25577 to 29291. Syphilis cases went up nine per cent from 2981 to 3249.Peter Greenhouse of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV said You dont have to be a genius to work out that these sorts of

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Pickpocket fuller bisexual subtext The Fadi Fawaz Saga Part IIGeorge Michaels fiance having a breakdown over being labeled Shady Fadiby Anonymous03212017According to Shady Fadis nephew The family of George Michaels lover Fadi Fawaz expect him to struggle after the stars death on Christmas Day Yeah I bet the poor leech will struggle now that his cash cow is no longer paying the bills. Its back to escorting and cheap porn for him.by Anonymous01152017by Anonymous01152017Interesting excerpts from R3s link Contrary to reports that the Wham singer had turned into a loner the Sunday People can reveal he had a procession of visitors in the runup to his unexplained death at the age of 53 on Christmas Day.Things arent looking very good for Shady Fadi Questions continue to be asked about Fadis behaviour the night before his celebrity boyfriend died. The former hairdresser claimed he fell asleep in his car on Christmas Eve.A family member voiced his concern We just want to know what happened. Why was he on his own Why did his boyfriend sleep in his car when George has a big house Its all very strange.This part surprised me Today one of Georges former lovers Colombian hairdresser Carlos Ortiz said he fears the superstar may have killed himself. Carlos 59 who met George in Australia three years ago said I had an intuitive feeling about it last year. And it seems very coincidental to me that he was found dead on Christmas Day because he told me he hated Christmas as there were never any children around. I thought George had been with Shady Fadi for the past 8 years at least thats what t